Formal is the scariest time of year when you're in high school. I remember my first formal, I felt like I was going to COLLAPSE while power walking to my hair appointment. 

Me before year 12 formal, my mum took this

Now that I have graduated,  I can look back on my two formal experiences and think, "thank Hell that's over right?!". Formal wasn't that great. We sat, ate, took photos and danced awkwardly. If there's one thing I've learned from weeks of stress, is not to stress! By the time it got to the final hours of getting ready, I really didn't care all that much about how prim and proper and 'formal' I looked. I did all my makeup myself, clumpy spidery eyelashes, some eyeliner and orange lipstick. And I left my hair, can you believe that?! At my year 11 formal I had braids on one side, and curls on the other (and I hated it). So I let my hair go, and it felt pretty great. It made me feel like I didn't really care too much, that I just rocked up to this school event to cause ruckus with my mates. 

Look how much I 'don't care' sipping an empty wine glass, I am crazy!

Even though I didn't cause any ruckus with my mates, we still had a lot of fun, we all looked cool and fun and crazy. So my tip for you is: don't care too much for maximum results. Maybe that's some bloody stupid advice, but it worked for me. 

Awkward dancng haha fun

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  1. Wow your dress is AWESOME! Great advice though. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter.


    1. thank you! yes you only realise these things once high school is over! xx

  2. Hiya, I've nominated you for the Liebster award because i've been loving your blog lately. You can check out the post here:
    :) xx


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